Our experienced developers provide expert guidance across various software challenges.

How Our Consultancy Service Can Help You

At Embedded Technologies Limited, our extensive experience covers diverse projects and industries. Whether it’s an ongoing software project or a new venture, we guide you through the entire development process. From conceptualization to advising on hardware design, software solutions, and technologies, our consultancy service ensures a robust, functional, and flexible end product. We also offer reviews of existing software, suggesting enhancements for improved functionality, efficiency, and user experience.

Expert Guidance

With over a decade of experience across industries, our developers offer expert advice on a range of issues, from new product development to improving existing software.

Existing Software Review

Our developers review firmware and software to identify improvements, enhancing efficiency, functionality, and the overall user experience.

Move a Current Project Forward

Experts in full-stack development, we bring passion, experience, and creative thinking to elevate your current projects to new heights.

Enhance User Experience

Through comprehensive reviews and suitable amendments, we enhance your software’s efficiency, functionality, and interface, creating a seamless user experience. Custom software solutions are also crafted with high-quality coding and engaging interfaces.

Custom Software/Hardware Solutions

We provide guidance on custom software and hardware solutions, covering planning, design, coding, and integration. Past projects include asset trackers, personal healthcare devices, and Bluetooth scanning devices.

Access to the Latest Technologies

Our developers guide you on the latest and most suitable technologies, ensuring functionality and longevity align with your product ideas.

Projects We Have Completed

  • Bluetooth scanning devices for nurseries
  • Asset trackers
  • Personal health trackers
  • Location awareness devices