Cutting Edge IoT Solutions In The UK

At Embedded Technologies, we lead the way in delivering cutting-edge Internet of Things (IoT) solutions and comprehensive full-stack development services for connected products. With a profound focus on custom firmware and software, mobile apps, and uniquely designed hardware, we cater to clients across the UK and internationally.

close-up of a computer motherboard

A Decade of Excellence

Boasting over a decade of experience, we’ve partnered with a diverse clientele, from dynamic tech start-ups to industry giants. Our expertise extends beyond borders, with our developed products making impactful contributions to research facilities, hospitals, and various consumer goods sectors.

Expertise Across Industries

As specialists in embedded software, we pride ourselves on being your go-to software consultancy. Our proficiency encompasses firmware running on devices, cross-platform mobile apps, electronic design, and product design. From concept to manufacturing, we offer a seamless one-stop-shop experience, collaborating with design companies to transform your ideas into market-ready realities.

close-up of a computer motherboard

Expert Engineers

Unleash innovation with our tech-savvy engineers crafting high-quality solutions across diverse technologies.

Customer Focused

Forge lasting partnerships through our customer-centric ethos, involving you in every decision.

Custom Software

Tailored to perfection, our custom software ensures reliability and flexibility for your unique project needs.

Tailored Solutions for Your Digital Ecosystem

Firmware Development

Elevate your products with bespoke firmware solutions spanning automotive, medical, and consumer goods. Our seasoned team adapts to your project’s unique requirements, ensuring innovation and precision.

Desktop Software

Empower your business operations with custom desktop applications on Windows, Mac, or Linux. From small test harnesses to integrated solutions, our software development enhances your digital landscape.

Hardware Development

Collaborate with our engineers to transform ideas into market-ready products. At Embedded Technologies, we’re committed to bringing your concepts to life in the physical realm.

Consultancy and Prototyping

Navigate software intricacies with expert consultancy. From project reviews to rapid prototyping, gain valuable insights and visualise your project’s potential.

App Development

Enrich your mobile presence with cross-platform app development expertise. Whether for Android or iOS, our team ensures your app project reaches its full potential. Embedded Technologies Limited: Shaping Ideas into Reality.

Experience innovation with Embedded Technologies – Where Ideas Transform into Solutions.